The IRS is Warning Taxpayers About a Fake Tax Notice Email Scam

September 26, 2016

The IRS recently issued an alert for taxpayers to be on the lookout for fake emails being sent out claiming to contain CP2000 notices. A CP2000 is generated by the IRS Automated Underreporter Program when income reported from third-party sources, such as an employer, does not match the income reported on the tax return. It provides extensive instructions to taxpayers about what to do if they agree or disagree with the determination that additional tax is owed.


If you have received a CP2000 notice, some indicators that it could be fraudulent include:


  • It was sent through email. The IRS does not send electronic notices through email or social media platforms.
  • The notice requests you send your payment to the “Austin Processing Center” in Austin, Texas.
  • The underreported income stated is in relation to the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • The letter number 105C is listed on the payment voucher.


If you receive any notice from the IRS and you are unsure of its legitimacy, contact an AHP professional.


Learn more about reporting phishing and online scams on the IRS website.

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