A Balance of Family, Community, and Profession

Although our logo may look like a simple triangle, it actually represents something much deeper. One of the key components of our mission statement is to achieve balance amongst our families, professions, and our community. Our triangle is a symbol of this balance and AHP’s commitment to its team members.


We are dedicated to excellence and providing outstanding value to our clients.
In support of our Mission, we will:

  • Provide outstanding, timely, value added services that are in the best interest of our clients.
  • Create relationships with our clients, business associates, and each other based on integrity, trust, and mutual respect.
  • Develop true professionals through education, experience, and creative thinking.
  • Encourage innovation, creativity, and acceptance of reasonable risk, to capitalize on new ideas and view change as an opportunity.
  • Foster an atmosphere of teamwork and communication.
  • Promote a culture where action, initiative, and results are important.
  • Achieve balance in our individual responsibility to ourselves and our families, our professions, and our community.
  • Create an environment where everyone has an opportunity to achieve a financially rewarding and enjoyable career.


Our clients can trust that our interactions are guided by four main concepts: quality services, a high level of integrity, cost effective results, providing a wealth of knowledge and financial resources.

We believe that if we operate according to our AHP VIEW philosophy, we are able to deliver on our promise of excellence and providing outstanding value to our clients.


Quality services from a regional firm that bring value to our clients.


A high-level of integrity to support the continued success of AHP and our clients.


Efficiency in achieving cost effective results for AHP and our clients.


Services that increase our clients’ wealth of knowledge and financial resources.

Statement on Inequities:

At various times in our world, we observe situations where inequities occur against a person or minority group or innocent people.  In such cases, it blatantly demonstrates that some situations, people, and actions are not kind or fair.  Many examples of such inequities exist and are readily apparent in today’s society.


At Andrews Hooper Pavlik PLC, we are guided by certain principles that act as a foundation for the treatment of others. In our Mission, we state that all of our relationships will be based on integrity, trust, and mutual respect. In our VIEW, it stresses a high level of integrity. Our Code of Conduct elements include uncompromising principles of respect and integrity, as well as trust, honesty, dependability, and treating others as we would like to be treated.


Treating others as we would like to be treated and these other foundational elements can and do help shape the interactions of Andrews Hooper Pavlik PLC with other people and the world around us. And these simple, yet critical statements would make the world a better place if everyone practiced them. Regardless of the nature or scope of any inequity, our firm will always support the fair treatment of others as we would all like to be treated.