Campaign Finance



Proper handling of finances is an essential part of any political campaign. AHP has professionals experienced in accounting, bookkeeping and payroll, financial reporting, and campaign finance laws. We are able to lead our clients safely and securely through the complex financial processes of raising and spending campaign funds, ensuring everything is in compliance, and the appropriate reporting.


Using AHP’s staff of reliable, experienced professionals allows you to focus more on the important things, like winning your campaign.




Prepare, deliver to the bank, and record all deposits of all contributions and funds received by your Campaign Finance Committee (referred to below as Committee).



Prepare and record disbursement checks for the payment of regular bills of the Committee from approved invoices.



Make direct deposits of net payroll check amounts for the convenience of Committee employees and efficient payment of employees from around the State. This process also involves the timely deposit of related payroll taxes.


Payroll Tax Planning and Preparation

Prepare and file federal and Michigan quarterly employer payroll tax reports, year-end federal and Michigan payroll tax reports, and Forms W-2 by appropriate dates.


Year End Federal Forms

Preparation of 1099-MISC and related 1096 forms required to report payments to independent contractors. Preparation of annual federal Form 1120-POL and submission of any annual taxes due to the United States Treasury.


Bank Statements

Reconcile monthly bank statements, which are completed independently by a member of our staff not involved in the routine preparation of checks or processing of deposits. This process provides important internal controls over the bank account (segregation of duties).


Record Keeping

Maintain appropriate records of all Committee receipts and disbursements as required according to the guidelines set forth by the State of Michigan Bureau of Elections or the Federal Election Commission.



Prepare and file all reports as required by the State of Michigan Bureau of Elections or the Federal Election Commission. Provide financial information, as needed, to the Committee’s Finance Director as an aid in budget planning for the Committee.



Provide consultation and guidance to the Committee regarding policies and procedures needed to ensure the Committee has controls in place to safeguard its assets and to provide the information needed to comply with the reporting requirements set forth by the State of Michigan Bureau of Elections or the Federal Election Commission.