Business Consulting



At AHP, we offer a broad range of business consulting services to help you solve problems and promote growth. By gaining a clear understanding of your needs and objectives, we are able to propose the services that will positively impact your business.


We provide highly trained professionals for every client engagement, which means you can count on us to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.



Our business consulting services are generally considered management assistance services. While traditional audit, accounting, and tax services focus on an organization’s external needs, our consulting focuses more on your specific internal needs. You define what you want to achieve. We help you get there.


  • Provides client-determined deliverables
  • Allows for high level of client interaction
  • Includes flexible service definition
  • Tailors service to your goals
  • Improves organizational efficiency
  • Allows for attainment of your organizational goals and objectives

    Our professionals assist with or fully prepare a set of uniform policies and procedures to be followed in the performance of an organization’s accounting function. The process begins by reading and/or documenting your current policies and procedures. The policies are then logically organized in either a written and/or electronic format.


    • Improves consistency of accounting function
    • Assists with accounting personnel training
    • Expands page descriptions

    We can assist you with the gathering, organizing, and/or interpreting information needed in support of obtaining financing. This service can also encompass the identification of financing sources.

    Budgets and forecasts are financial pictures of assumed future financial activity. The terms “forecast” and “budget” are often used interchangeably and mean an expected or most likely result. However, a budget can also be presented in a flexible format that covers a range of potential scenarios. For scenarios that are not the most likely to occur (in other words, “what if” events), a budget is referred to as a projection. We can help you prepare or interpret variances between actual and projected results.


    • Signals to management that corrective actions may be needed in some aspect of operations
    • Provides financial road map
    • Establishes financial targets
    • Increases accountability
    • Reduces expenses

    Business continuity planning is the development of a plan to deal with difficult situations that are not emergencies but require pre-thought. This is a high-level plan that may be invoked after a disaster or emergency. It assigns responsibility to individuals.


    • Provides for continuity of operations
    • Anticipates business needs

    A business plan is a guide that directs an organization’s efforts when considering a new product or service, a new line of products, or a new business. A business plan is usually part of a broader overall strategic plan. We can work with you to develop and write a realistic plan that includes the following key elements:

    • Executive summary of major plan points
    • Description of the business or product
    • Business environment analysis of industry characteristics and trends, market potential, and competition
    • Strategic plan that includes long-term goals, assumptions, tactics for achieving the goals, and success indicators
    • Analysis of management skills and experience in operations, marketing, and finance
    • Financial analysis, such as forecasts or projections


    • Provides measurable and accountable guides for implementing a planned course of action
    • Coordinates business and marketing efforts

    Starting a business is difficult and time-consuming. We can help with the back office functions such as setting up records, organizing the accounting system, assisting with bookkeeping, and helping you file the necessary forms for payroll and income taxes.


    • Improves process efficiency
    • Identifies business reporting requirements
    • Assists with accounting system set-up

    The development of a plan to gradually transfer management of a business from a retiring owner (usually a parent) to others (often children) can be complicated. A well-organized plan can help the transition go smoothly and anticipate areas of potential difficulty.


    • Provides for continuity of operations
    • Anticipates needs of retiring owners and successive owners

    We can assist you with a business valuation to establish the value of a partial or entire interest in a closely-held business or professional practice. Factors taken into account include quantitative and qualitative measures, as well as tangible and intangible factors related to the business being valued.


    • Individuals who want to start or purchase a business
    • Retirement-minded business owners who are considering gifts to their children
    • Business partners where the relationship has deteriorated
    • Various other businesses


    • Gift and estate taxes
    • Buy/sell agreements
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Litigation support
    • Estate planning
    • ESOPs
    • Dissenting shareholder actions
    • Partner disputes
    • Divorces


    • Assesses the value of an organization
    • Assists in the sale of a business
    • Assists with estate planning
    • Assists with litigation support

    This service identifies how and when cash is generated and used. It is a useful tool when preparing for or considering debt refinancing, business expansion, or general business planning.


    • Improves cash collections
    • Identifies primary sources and uses of cash flow

    This service identifies how and when cash is generated and used. It is a useful tool when preparing for or considering debt refinancing, business expansion, or general business planning.


    • Improves cash collections
    • Identifies primary sources and uses for cash flow

    Using your existing software, we can prepare custom reports that are not part of the default reports supplied with the software package. In addition, we can also tailor your existing financial statement formats to fit your management needs.


    • Creates new and improved management reports
    • Identifies important trends

    Disaster recovery planning entails an assessment or review of your organization’s plan for regaining computer operations in the event a physical or other disaster seriously impairs your ability to carry out normal business operations.


    • Improves ability to resume normal operations after an event that could destroy your organization’s information system

    Emergency response planning entails the development of a plan that responds to selected risks. Fire, flood, tornado, etc., constitute an emergency. In order to save lives and reduce risk to assets, an emergency response plan is needed. Many regulators require written plans.


    • Provides safety plans for your employees
    • Protects assets in emergency situations

    Our professionals can assist you in identifying your options for benefit plans as well as assist you with the administration of your plan.


    • Improves employee retention
    • Helps you to stay competitive in personnel marketplace

    This service focuses on the assessment of compensation paid to an organization’s executive for the purposes of tax planning and executive retention.


    • Integrates compensation with the objectives of the company

    To grow at a pace that keeps up with business opportunities, an organization may require more capital than can be generated from operations alone. Additional financing can come from any combination of financial institutions, owners, individuals, and other sources. Analysis of the available options provides valuable information for selecting the financing mix that best fits with the organization’s long-term goals.


    • Assesses alternative sources of financing available to your organization

    This service includes investigation of alleged fraudulent activities as well as the assessment of your company’s current risk. We believe the best deterrent to fraud is a system of strong controls combined with education about identifying the warning signs of fraud. Since many of the controls that deter fraud can also help prevent unintentional errors, a fraud assessment engagement is a particularly valuable one.


    • Trains you to spot red flags
    • Trains employees on their role in fraud prevention
    • Assesses your existing fraud risk
    • Tests your antifraud controls
    • Trains employees to embrace your organization’s core values and guiding principles


    • Performs confidential investigations
    • Assists your legal team with investigatory procedures
    • Assists with internal investigations
    • Leads a multi-disciplinary investigation team


    • Fraud risk check-up
    • Tests of anti-fraud controls
    • Agreed-upon procedures
    • Collaborative investigations
    • Assistance with fraud policy
    • Employee awareness training


    • Preserves your cash
    • Adopts “best practices”
    • Reduces temptation
    • Promotes success
    • Protects your organization’s reputation
    • Promotes a culture of honesty
    • Creates a positive workplace
    • Enhances ability to recruit and retain high-quality employees
    • Suggests ideas for deterring fraud
    • Investigates allegations of fraud

    This service focuses on the information you need to run your organization and achieve your strategic goals. We start by asking questions to determine what relevant financial and non-financial information you need to make critical decisions. This information might come from inside or outside of your organization. Next we assess the reliability of the information you receive now. Based on our evaluation, we will help you identify new information sources or alternate performance measures if necessary. Finally, we’ll offer recommendations for improving the efficiency, practicality, or responsiveness of your system.


    • Upgrades to more efficient information system
    • Engineers system that provides the information that you want
    • Provides security evaluation of your system

    Our extensive array of technology services is designed to help clients determine what they want their computers to be able to do. This can include:

    • Hardware selection
    • Software selection
    • System implement assistance
    • Trouble shooting existing systems
    • Software application training
    • Reduce risk of poor technology decisions
    • Identify opportunities for efficiency
    • Assess IT security
    • IT training

    The identification and assessment of key leading and lagging indicators that are relevant to a particular organization is important. Performance measures unique to the organization can also be developed so that an organization can benchmark its performance.


    • Improves management
    • Identifies trends

    We can assist you in assessing the merits of leasing versus buying an asset. Analysis can include a determination of the cash flow effects of either decision.

    Our professionals can serve as expert witnesses or as consultants.

    Whether selling or purchasing a business, detailed information is required. We can assist in the due diligence process. The extent of our service can be tailored to your needs and can range from valuation assistance and assessment of underlying records to a determination of tax consequences.


    • Objectively evaluates financial aspects of a proposed transaction
    • Assists with due diligence procedures
    • Identifies potential tax consequences of a proposed transaction
    • Assists in determining the structure of a proposed transaction

    The objective of an operations review is to evaluate and recommend improvements in overall operations, a segment of operations, and specific processes within a segment. A typical engagement, which is more than just looking at the financial picture, starts by helping you define a desired state of operations. We assess the current conditions through an interactive process, help to generate ideas for improvements, evaluate the best solutions, and provide support during implementations. To the extent a solution requires training, we can help with training or offer recommendations for other qualified trainers.


    • Increases operational efficiency
    • Identifies growth areas
    • Improves profit potential
    • Suggests process improvements
    • Increases organizational stability
    • Improves competitive strength

    We can assist you in evaluating the merits of performing certain functions internally or contracting the function to an outside party. This service includes a cost analysis.

    • Evaluation of cost/effectiveness

    Our professionals can evaluate existing revenue volumes, margins, and costs in order to set achievable, measurable targets for critical components of profit or other business activities. Through the use of models, we can develop views of possible outcomes based on specified levels of activity, assumptions, or other variables. We can also recommend ways to implement and monitor appropriate plans of action.


    • Improves strategic planning process
    • Reduces operational risk
    • Identifies critical variables and their effect on revenue or profits

    We can assist with or prepare a set of uniform policies and procedures to be followed in the performance of a particular aspect of your organization’s operation. Examples of functions include accounting, personnel, information technology, and quality control. We start the process by reading and/or documenting your current policies and procedures. We then organize the policies into a logical and understandable format and provide them to you in written and/or electronic format.


    • Computer controls review
    • Disaster recovery plans
    • E-business assessment
    • End-user training
    • Flowcharting systems
    • Hardware selection and implementation
    • Network design and installations
    • Network support
    • Policies and procedures manuals
    • QuickBooks/Peachtree implementations
    • Software selection and implementation
    • Streamlining information systems
    • System needs analysis
    • Training and supervision


    • Improves employee performance
    • Improves operational consistency
    • Reduces risk of operational errors

    This consulting service is designed to assist with a plan for improving an organization’s profitability. Components of a profit improvement review can include such elements as break-even analysis, cost studies, price sensitivity modeling, or expense analysis.


    • Identifies opportunities to improve profits
    • Analyzes current profit margins by product or service

    This consulting service is where we assist in the management and implementation of a particular project.

    • Increases efficiency
    • Avoids need for hiring additional personnel on a short-term basis

    A strategic plan is an organization’s road map. It shows you where you want to go, how you plan to get there, what to expect along the way, when you expect to arrive, how you’ll recognize your destination, and who will be responsible for getting you there. We can serve you best in this area by acting as an outside independent facilitator for one or more sessions in which key members of your organization develop a strategic plan consisting of:

    • A list of an organization’s long-term goals
    • Opportunities and threats to organization objectives
    • Actions necessary to achieve those goals
    • Timetables for completing the actions
    • Identification of success indicators
    • Assignment of accountability