Understanding the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act for Individuals

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 | 01:00 PM

 – 02:47 AM

Eric Bischer, CPA

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has made sweeping reforms that greatly impacts the income tax for individuals. Are you aware of the provisions of the new law that will affect you as an income tax payer? Have you planned appropriately for these changes in order to minimize your income tax liability for 2018 and beyond?

Join us for this informative webinar to learn about some of the new provisions of the TCJA that will affect individuals filing Form 1040 and the steps you can take to ensure you are ready when it comes time to file. We will also cover some new opportunities for tax planning and strategies that you can implement to save on income tax.

Webinar will cover:

  • Changes in tax brackets
  • Elimination of personal exemptions
  • Standard deduction vs. itemizing deductions
  • Useful tax planning tips
  • Changes to AMT
  • Other tax law changes
  • Child tax credits
  • Tax resources available