About Our Experience

This service includes investigation of alleged fraudulent activities as well as the assessment of your company’s current risk. We believe the best deterrent to fraud is a system of strong controls combined with education about identifying the warning signs of fraud. Since many of the controls that deter fraud can also help prevent unintentional errors, a fraud assessment engagement is a particularly valuable one.

Fraud Prevention:

  • Trains you to spot red flags
  • Trains employees on their role in fraud prevention
  • Assesses your existing fraud risk
  • Tests your antifraud controls
  • Trains employees to embrace your organization’s core values and guiding principles

Fraud Investigation:

  • Performs confidential investigations
  • Assists your legal team with investigatory procedures
  • Assists with internal investigations
  • Leads a multi-disciplinary investigation team

Specific Services:

  • Fraud risk check-up
  • Tests of anti-fraud controls
  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Collaborative investigations
  • Assistance with fraud policy
  • Employee awareness training


  • Preserves your cash
  • Adopts “best practices”
  • Reduces temptation
  • Promotes success
  • Protects your organization’s reputation
  • Promotes a culture of honesty
  • Creates a positive workplace
  • Enhances ability to recruit and retain high-quality employees
  • Suggests ideas for deterring fraud
  • Investigates allegations of fraud

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